JUDr. Luboslav Kasuba

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Cyprus is well known island, which is not only a holiday destination but it is very interesting country, especially for entrepreneurs and for the reason that Cyprus has probably the lowest business taxes across the European Union, about 10%.
In addition, Cyprus does not collection of any taxes on dividends from companies belonging to non-residents.
All this makesCyprus a very interesting place, and you can now with us to set up your new joint stock company inCyprus.
The main advantage is that you are 100% owner of a “local person” will be “only on paper” to speak for your company without reservation and will fulfill all orders, without appearing somewhere in your name.
Our offer:

  • obtaining a business license
  • foundation of a company, including all costs and fees of a bank account
  • complete service in the tax and accounting under Cypriot  law
  • advice with regard to the avoidance of double taxation

At the request of the client happy and establish a business company inMaltaor in theUK, including the provision of a complete economic service.